This winter session of Cadre we are offering an inductive (Kay Arthur) Bible study  geared for 10-12 year olds who want to go deeper in their faith. Together we will help young faith adventurers explore the feats and faith of three fascinating men from the Bible: Isaac, Jacob, and Esau. By studying these Biblical characters our understanding of courage , forgiveness, loyalty and the ability to trust God even when we face disappointment will be challenged. Students will learn how to analytically look at scripture.
Our goal is to help young people learn how to personally study the Bible and be transformed into the people God wants us to be.
Cost: $12
Class taught by :Dawn Medgett& Josh Onyeakazi
There will be no class on Feb 9 (Dawn is at another church)
Feb 16 (Family Weekend)
Mar 1( Grade 4-6 Winter Camp)

Please note that while we will try to keep this class enjoyable it may not be for everyone as there is a homework component to it.