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This will be a place where we share resources & information to help you enter fully into this Advent and Christmas season. 

1. 2020 ADVENT DEVOTIONAL: We are thrilled to have the chance to invite you as the entire church into an experience that we pray will unite us together, even as we perhaps feel separated during this COVID season. This devotional has been written, collated, edited and published entirely by individuals from Westview. These are their voices helping us to hear the voice of God has we prepare our hearts for Advent. 

We pray that you enjoy this gift, and that it truly blesses you this season. To receive a printed copy please contact the church. If you'd like a digital PDF, you can simply download that in the "downloads" section below. (scroll down)


2. CHRISTMAS HAMPERS: This Christmas season we will collect non-perishable food items for our Christmas Hamper Ministry. We recognize that this year will be different for how you can bring in non-perishable food items, so we wanted to be clear on how this can be done.

Daytime Drop Off: You can drop off non-perishable food items from 9am-3pm (Monday to Thursday) at the church office. Please ring the doorbell if the front doors are locked, and a staff member will meet you. 

Evening Drop Off: We will also be collecting food on Thursday evenings from 4-6pm at the church. This will take place on Thursday December 3rd, 10th, and 17th. 

PURCHASE A GIFT: This year we will be giving you the opportunity again to purchase gifts for the children of our Hamper Ministry recipient families. This will not take place at the church, rather you will be given an option to select an age & gender for a child to purchase a gift for through our online registration system. To select a gift please CLICK HERE (link will activate Sunday Dec. 6)


3. CHRISTMAS OFFERING: Our Christmas Offering is designated to the work of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. CFGB and Canadian Baptist Ministries partner in food assistance and agriculture development projects in Lebanon, India, South Sudan, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Your gift funds the Coronation Grow Project in Brownfield, Alberta. Proceeds from the harvest in Brownfield are matched by grants from the Canadian government up to 4-to-1. For instance, a gift of $50 can produce $200 value in the harvest. $200 is matched by up to $800 in grants. Your gift of $50 becomes up to $1000 towards alleviating world hunger. Your contributions are multiplied in the harvest, multiplied by the Canadian government and multiplied through the ministries of CFGB around the world.

To contribute to this special offering please write "Christmas Offering" on your regular offering envelope or in the memo line of your e-transfer. The Christmas Offering Fund is also now open in Pushpay and by clicking HERE.