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Poverty is lack. It is lack of resources; lack of positive relationships; lack of power; lack of the ability to live equitably in society. It is an issue of justice.

As neighbours, social advocates and faith communities, how do we engage poverty in ways that enable people in our communities to secure the necessary resources and support to move beyond poverty?

We are coming together to acknowledge our own lack of understanding and engagement. And to begin to collaborate in our responsibility to live just lives among our neighbours.

Derek Cook is the Director of the Canadian Poverty Institute and Sessional Faculty at Ambrose University. Derek has worked extensively in social research and policy development to establish understanding and engagement strategies around poverty reduction. Derek provides a well-rounded perspective of the dynamics of poverty in our culture.

Poverty is a reality in our neighbourhoods and beyond. Our conversations will focus on seeing and acknowledging poverty, and developing the will, capacity and partnerships to engage in our world.

Friday (7pm to 9pm)
Derek Cook - Understanding Poverty

Saturday (9am to noon)
Poverty Talks

  • Poverty and Our Neighbours – Katherine Kautz
  • Poverty and New Canadians – Rebeca Andrada
  • Poverty and Indigenous Communities – Tony Snow
  • Poverty and the Global Community – Gordon King

Sunday (9:15am and 11am)
Derek Cook (Westview Church Service)