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Join A Small Group

Looking to try something new in 2018? Why not consider joining a Small Group? We're launching a few new groups, and others have space available for you! Small groups are an excellent place to experience authentic... Read More

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Giving at Westview

We have launched new ways of giving here at Westview! You now have the ability to give digitally by text, via app, and also on our website. This is in addition to our current ways of giving by cash or cheque.  To... Read More

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Download the Westview App!

We are super excited to announce that Westview has its very own Church App!  While it's still in its infancy, we are very excited that you'll be able to listen to sermons, find out more about our church, fill out... Read More

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Summer Sermon Series

For most of us we have spent some time reading the Psalms. It's an easy book to find if we just take our Bible and flop it open to the middle. Most of the time we'll land on one of the 150 chapters that make up this... Read More