school of discipleship

CADRE: a group of people specially trained for a particular purpose.

This Fall we are launching a brand new ministry here at Westiew. Our desire with CADRE is to creatve en evening experience where anyone in their faith journey can gather for relevant teaching and discussion to help them grow in their own journey of discipleship. Our goal is to offer a minimum of three diffrent teaching streams led by various individuals from our church. 

Dates: Sunday's / Sept. 29 to Dec. 1, 2019
Time: 6:30pm-8pm
Location: Westview Baptist Church

To learn more about our classes and to register read the descriptions below.

CLASS 1: UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOU BELIEVE - One of the challenging things about a relationship with God is understanding who He is and how He works. For example, is God three persons or one God? Is God loving or just? Was Jesus human or was He divine? Was the Bible written by God or by people? Are we saved by our faith or do we need to do something? Do we choose God or does He elect us? Is the world going to get better or get worse?

The answer to all these questions is: Yes, it's a both/and. Join us this fall as we explore how both of these can be true and how understanding that changes our relationship with God. Dayle Medgett & Jordan Bergen will be leading this both/and course of teaching and discussion.



CLASS 2: THE BIBLE COURSE - Whether you're new to the Bible or want to go deeper, The Bible Course is for you. It shows how all the books, characters and events fit together to form one BIG story, from Genesis to Revelation. This course also provides tools and skills to help apply the Bible to everyday life. 

Tyler Hagan & Glen Worobets will be leading this course. It consists of eight interactive sessions, each containing video content, discussion time, personal reflection and daily readings. 


CLASS 3: BECOMING GOD'S PEOPLE IN OUR NEIGHBOURHOODS - Empowering the church for wholistic local engagement. This course will explore the principles of Christian Community Development and reflect on missional engagement in NW Calgary.

God’s desire is to see people and places holistically restored. God has chosen the church as his agent of reconciliation and restoration to the neighbourhoods in which we live. This course will be lead by Bill Christieson.